All The Way To Second Street

It’s 1980 and Nancy is 28 years old, a young Catholic wife, living in a suburb of Detroit. Doing what she’s been told has brought her academic honors, a dress-for-success career, and marriage to a man that everyone loves.

Feeling trapped, wanting more, she moves out of her brick house and heads west. In Boulder, Colorado, she meets Robb, an artist. Together they join the back-to-the land movement. Her family condemns her. Her friends shake their heads. She vows to write down every detail so they will understand the importance of embracing radical simplicity and perhaps join her.

This is an odyssey through the unexpected, a diary of survival skills and personal growth. We visit a little-examined period in Idaho history through the voice of Nancy’s journal and letters, and stay with her until she lands in a small house on Second Street, a single mother, in an Idaho town.

Listen to Nancy Casey read excerpts from All the Way to Second Street and discuss the process of writing the book on The Every Other Sunday Show hosted by Maree McHugh, on KRFP Moscow.