On behalf of April, National Poetry Month, we bring you the following message:

It is better to procrastinate your taxes by writing poems than it is to procrastinate your poems by doing your taxes.


While writing those poems, you can ask yourself:

When you lift your foot, does your tax dollar help you to set it down in a direction you want to go?

Does your tax dollar have a map?

Does your tax dollar know how to drive?

Is your tax dollar sane?

Is your tax dollar sober?

Is you tax dollar a threat to civilization as we know it?

Does your tax dollar sort?

Does your tax dollar abort?

Does your tax dollar foster your health?

Is your tax dollar merry and gay?

Does your tax dollar look up your bum?

Does your tax dollar go gently in the dark night to swim upstream and glisten in riverbottom gravel?


Tax dollar of the morning, give us this day.

Tax dollar of trespass, go home.

Tax dollar of sunshine, melt ice in jail.

Tax dollar of somebody else’s luck, spill.

Tax dollar of sophistication,  your daily bread.

Tax dollar of delirium, shut up and sing.

Tax dollar of memory, bring down the buckets and pour your heavy rubies onto the gates of regret.


May your tax dollar forget to ride with the night lord of the drone basement.

May your tax dollar forget to shoot children in their beds.

May your tax dollar forget to hog-tie and taser the suspicious.

May your tax dollar forget to surveil you.

May your tax dollar forget to remove Sherman Alexie from Arizona libraries.

May your tax dollar forget to remove Sandra Cisneros and Howard Zinn.

May your tax dollar forget to remove its hoodie and its hat.

May your tax dollar forget to ridicule

May your tax dollar lose its spin

May your tax dollar deliver a letter to the mailbox of Vincent van Gogh.

May your tax dollar bring back Treyvon Martin.

May your tax dollar bring back Otto Zehm.

May your tax dollar create silence where people can listen.

May your tax dollar spread kindness in its wake.


We cry out to you o tax dollar,

tax dollar, intercede for us.

Tax dollar, tax dollar, hear our plea.

Tax dollar, tax dollar, what have you done?


Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Tax dollar tax dollar, qui tollis pecata mundi.

Tax dollar tax dollar, saecula saeculorum.

Tax dollar tax dollar, et ne nos inducas intentationem.

Tax dollar tax dollar, et in terra pax hominibus.


Orate fratres, tax dollar.

Adjutorium nostrum, tax dollar.

Dignum et justum est, tax dollar.

Sicut erat in principio, tax dollar.

Quoniam to solus sanctus, tax dollar.

Tu solus altissimus, tax dollar.

Sed tantum dic verbo, tax dollar.

Et cum spiritu tuo, tax dollar.




Tax dollar tax dollar, tell us the truth.

Tax dollar tax dollar, where are you going?

Tax dollar tax dollar now you are spent