Write That Thing!

Four evenings: 7-9 pm Mon-Thurs, Oct 29-Nov 1
Fiske Room, 1912 Center – workshops led by Nancy casey
$45 all 4 sessions – $15 single session
info/sign up: wrITE@Authornancycasey.com

All proceeds will be donated to the initiative to increase the broadcast range of KRFP, Moscow’s community radio station, 92.5 FM


Just what is that thing you always wanted to write?  A story from your life?  A story from your imagination?  A bit of history?  A bit of science fiction?   Some investigative journalism?  Maybe you have an itch to write something, but you don’t know what it is yet.  Maybe you’re already started but need more inspiration to keep going.
Established writers always say, “Sooner or later you just have to sit down and do it.” But where do you sit down?  For how long?  And what should you do while you are sitting there?

Many writers will also tell you that the hardest part is facing the blank page.

The purpose of this workshop is to get your writing project established and on firm ground.  You commit to 4 evenings in a row, and by the end of the week, you’ll have a pile of pages and a pile of ideas to sustain you through the disciplined work of getting that thing written the way you want it written.

This is a workshop for generating ideas, experimenting with styles, writing pages, and absorbing pep talks that you can keep giving yourself.  You’ll be able to think through the concrete possibilities of your writing life, so that you can organize a process and resources for yourself and continue with confidence on your writing project.

We’ll do exercises alone, in pairs, and in groups.  We’ll share stuff and keep stuff private.  The workshops will be about creativity, generating ideas, and getting words down on the page.  Although critique and suggestions for revision are important to every writer, we’ll postpone that for some other time.  Writers need to explore their own ideas and develop their own sense of what they are trying to write before struggling to thicken their skin and imagine what others might not like about it.

In this workshop, plan to have fun, be creative, write a lot, and become inspired by how wise and clever you are.


Monday Oct 29:  Ideas about ideas.  Where they come from.  Finding the next one.  Watching lackluster ideas turn brilliant.

Tuesday Oct 30:  Reading like a writer.  What’s to learn from writers you like and don’t like?  What is research for, and how do you do it?

Wednesday Oct 31:  Writing from life.  Interviews.  Observation.  Surreptitious note-taking.

Thursday Nov 1:  The infinity of language.  Poetry, nonsense speech, the dictionary.  Every word is a doorway, so step on through.

info/sign up: write@authornancycasey.com


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